Battery pack BP 18 Li 3.1 ERGO

For RTSC 400, DTSC 400, ETSC 125

18-volt 3.1 Ah Lithium Ion battery

Ergonomic design for perfect sanding balance

Integrated fuel gauge to monitor battery level

Charges on TCL 6 charger (6 amp charger)

Plug-It cord designed to integrate with Festool system

  • Ergonomically balanced design provides great balance for sanding operations without compromising power. 3.1 Ah, 18-volt Lithium Ion battery charges in 30 minutes on the TCL 6 charger. Integrated fuel gauge provides a quick push-button view of the battery level.
  • not suitable for all other cordless machines
  • ergonomic, lightweight design
Price: $74.00
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  • Battery pack BP 18 Li 3.1 ERGO
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