Circular Saw HKC 55 EB Basic

The HKC 55 EB cordless saw makes this the ultimate solution for all wood processing on the jobsite. Packed with the new Airstream 5.2 Ah high-performance battery and the efficient EC-TEC brush-less motor with a speed of 4,500 rpm, the cordless Festool HKC 55 EB circular saw ensures clean fast cuts while the rail with the stop system provides maximum precision and exact angles. (No batteries and/or rail included)

Convenient and safe hinged guard - For easy sawing and a clear view of the saw blade, just press the lever on the front handle. And just like that, the hinged cover releases the saw blade.

Integrated riving knife - Part of the spring-mounted hinged cover is a integrated riving knife that keeps the cut kerf open when sawing. It is also possible to do plunge cuts in an unobstructed way.

The FastFix saw blade change - Quick, one-handed and with no need for tools. Saves time and improves quality, because working with the right blade goes without saying.

HKC 55 EB Concentrated power - The combination of the new Airstream 18V lithiumion battery pack and brushless EC-TEC-motor with integrated motor management ensures impressive cutting performance. This battery operated circular saw is also free from the restraints of wall outlets and electrical cables. (Batteries, charger and rail are not included in this version)

The stop system - The fixed positioning bolt and the adjustable stop allow angle cuts from -60 to +60 to be made and which can be repeated exactly. (rail can be purchased separately)

Scribe mark is the cut mark - Precision work, even with miter cutting angles of up to 60. The cutting edge will always follow the scribe mark edge exactly, even when miter cutting. (rail can be purchased separately)

HKC 55 EB (1X), 18-tooth High-Quality Carbide Blade (1X), Systainer SYS 4 TL (1X).

Note: This is the BASIC version of this HSK saw and does not include batteries or a charger. If you need batteries and/or charger, consider the PLUS or SET version.  
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  • Circular Saw HKC 55 EB Basic
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