Circular Saw TSC 55 REB Li XL (Imperial)

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Please note that this is the Imperial version of this product.

The new TSC 55 Cordless Track Saw builds on years of system innovation to deliver the most versatile, precise cutting system available, allowing you to go wherever the work takes you. Powered by two 18 V, 5.2 Ah batteries, the TSC 55 can zip through 100 meters of sheet goods on a single charge, while still delivering all the benefits you’ve come to expect from the Festool Track Saw System.

Guide Rail Precision—With the FS Guide Rail System, you’ll get laserstraight, splinter-free cuts in seconds. Simply lay the Guide Rail between two points, and you have your cut line. It’s really that easy.

Splinter-Free Cutting—Splinterguards on both sides of the blade ensure that you’ll make zero-tearout cuts in virtually any material, improving your quality of work while significantly reducing material waste.

Go Where the Work Is—Not only can you replace large, stationary equipment with the incredibly precise, handheld track saw system, but now you can go wherever work needs to get done, without the cord.

Includes: TSC 55, 48 tooth blade, 2X 18 volt 5.2 Ah Batteries, 2X TCL 3 Charger, Dust Bag, Splinterguard, SYS 5  
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  • Circular Saw TSC 55 REB Li XL(Imperial)
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