Cordless Carvex PSBC 420 - Plus

Armed with the most advanced motor technology and every feature you have come to expect from Festool—plus a few that you never imagined—the Carvex Jigsaws will shatter all expectations. Challenge any scribe line or curve with ease thanks to the fully automatic blade guidance system that makes blade drift and deflection a thing of the past.

Carbide guidance system
Triple blade reinforcement with rigid support rod and carbide jaws reduce blade wander and drift.

Interchangeable base system
Easily and quickly swap bases as needed from the butterfly-style angle base to the circle cutting base.

4-LED stroboscopic light
Illuminate the cut line in-sync with the blade for effortless and improved visibility for precise cuts and less rework.

Splinter-free action
Solid one-piece Splinterguards are cut with the blade mounted in the machine. This allows precise zeroclearance for ultra clean cuts with no splinters or tearout.  
Price: $525.00
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  • Cordless Carvex PSBC 420 - Plus
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