Cordless Drill C 15 PLUS

The revolutionary EC-TEC brushless motor, combined with all new 5.2 Ah battery packs, delivers ample power to tackle a million screws with minimal wear. The compact D-Handle design not only gets you into tight spaces, but improves hand-positioning for better control when it counts, whether in high-torque applications, or situations where accuracy is critical. The incomparable FastFix system is supported by keyless, eccentric, depth-stop, right angle and Centrotec system chucks, eliminating the expense of five or more specialized tools, while saving substantial time and wasted material.

Versatile—Combined with the Festool FastFix chuck system, the C 15 and C 18 drills can each do the job of five or more application-specific drills.

Efficient—Extremely efficient, energy-sipping EC-TEC brushless motors deliver more power, longer run time and fewer trips to the charger.

Durable—Tough inside and out, Festool C-Drills feature brushless motors that have been tested to over a million screws, as well as sophisticated electronics that protect the tool and batteries from just about anything you can throw at them.

Includes C 15, Centrotec Chuck, Centrotec Bit Holder, FastFix Keyless Chuck, 2X 14.4 volt 5.2 ah Batteries, TCL3 Charger, SYS 2  
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  • Cordless Drill C 15 PLUS
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