Cordless Drill PDC 18 BASIC

With the PDC 18, Festool set out to create the ultimate drilling machine. A fourspeed gearbox provides loads of torque for hogging out material with large diameter drill bits, then quickly switches over to deliver 3,800 RPMs to blast through concrete with its hammer drill functionality.

Tremendous Range—Driven by a four-speed gearbox, you can drop it down low to hog out material, switch to high-speed hammer function to plow through concrete, or just go mid-range for all your common drilling applications.

The Most Versatile Drill Ever—Supported by its own set of FastFix interchangeable chucks and the complete Centrotec bit change system, the Festool PDC 18 Basic might be the only drill you could possibly need.

You Won’t Beat This Drill—Our unbeatable, industry-leading EC-TEC brushless motor is housed within the toughest glass-reinforced nylon we could find, plus the front end is jacketed with cast aluminum for added durability. This hand held power drill will stand up to anything you can possibly throw at it… or throw it at.

Includes PDC 18, Centrotec Chuck, Centrotec Bit Holder, FastFix Keyless Chuck, Side Handle, SYS 2  
Price: $330.00
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  • Cordless Drill PDC 18 BASIC
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