Cordless Drywall Screydriver DWC Basic

Hanging drywall is serious work and requires a serious drywall gun. Introducing the most refined and capable drywall gun yet the DWC 18. Equipped with magazine attachment for using commonly available collated screws, on-demand push and drive system (no need to hold the trigger), electronic cut-off, precision depth control, user-serviceable magazine, and EC TEC brushless motor, the DWC is built to make hard work less hard on you. Quiet, efficient, and accurate, for faster installs with less fatigue.

Accuracy Sink screws consistently and precisely (to 1/256") with mechanical and electronic depth control with automatic cut-off to prevent overdriven fasteners saving material as well as time in re-work to achieve quality results.

Efficiency With motor speed of 4,500 RPM, coupled with the auto-feed magazine using collated screws, makes fast work of hanging sheets while the impulse-drive functionality provides exceptional battery life.

Durability EC TEC brushless motor technology, robust internal parts, and serviceable magazine, the DWC 18 is built for heavy-duty fastening work in the most demanding applications and backed by the Festool-exclusive Service All- Inclusive featuring a three-year warranty

DWC 18 (1X), Magazine Attachment (1X), Depth Stop (1X), Belt Clip 1(X), Scaffolding Holder (1X), Magnetic Bit Holder (1), PH 2 Bit (1X), PH 2 Elongated Bit (2x), Rubberized Battery Frame (2x), Systainer SYS 2 TLOC (1X).  
Price: $300.00
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  • Cordless Drywall Screydriver DWC Basic
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