Cordless Hammerdrill BHC 18 PLUS

The new BHC 18 Rotary Hammer has the best power-to-weight ratio in its class. Combined with a compact and ergonomic C-handle design, the BHC’s light weight and low vibration makes for efficient and comfortable one-handed use, whether for extended periods of use or even overhead applications.

Built for the Worst—We’ve designed the BHC to withstand the toughest abuse you can dish out, with a powerful motor that’s built to last. You’ll reach your limit before this drill does.

Small, but Packs a Punch—The compact C-handle design delivers a streamlined pressure point, resulting in greater control and more comfortable handling, while maintaining power and capability, even for hard-to-reach applications.

True System Compatibility—The BHC 18 joins an ever-expanding range of cordless tools that are every bit as capable as their corded counterparts. Building on our existing 18V platform with 5.2 Ah battery packs, the BHC is further supported by a complete range of SDS bits, as well as the complete line of Centrotec accessories.

Includes BHC 18, Depth Stop, Side Handle, 2X 18 volt 5.2 ah Batteries, TCL3 Charger, SYS 2  
Price: $640.00
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  • Cordless Hammerdrill BHC 18 PLUS
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