CT 36 E Dust Extractor

CT 36 E Dust Extractor
This HEPA dust collector unit comes standard with Festool's new self-cleaning bag which prevents dust particles from caking inside the bag which reduces suction. We further optimize efficiency with the low-profile, flat-top design that allows the CT top to double as a tool rest as well as an integrated hose garage and docking station that allows the connection of Festool Systainers (not included) for easy transport and storage.

The Festool CT 36 is equipped with tool-triggered auto start functionality so that when you plug your tool into the supplied outlet socket, the vacuum cycles with the tool.

Variable suction force allows you to regulate the suction based on your tasks. A small detail sander may not require the full 137 CFM of this unit, but a router may require it.

Click here to visit the Festool microsite for full details of the CT 36 HEPA dust extractor.

The CT 36 comes with one disposable self-cleaning filter bag. We recommend that you buy an extra pack of 5 bags.  
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  • CT 36 E Dust Extractor
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  • Self-Cleaning Filter - CT 36 (5 Pack)
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