CT MIDI Dust Extractor

Now Featuring T-Loc Integration

The CT MINI and CT MIDI are Festoolís most portable mobile Dust Extractors.

They are compact and lightweight, yet have enough capacity for common jobsite tasks. The Festool CT MIDI dust extractor is slightly larger in size, but offers increased capacity for heavier on-site use. Sporting large wheels and double casters, these mobile dust collectors can easily negotiate obstacles in the shop or on the worksite.

Both units include HEPA filters and carry Full Unit HEPA Certification.

Efficiency Updated design accommodates both T-LOC as well as Classic Systainers quickly and easily.

Functionality New tapered hose design improves airflow resulting in greater suction for your tougher cleaning tasks.

Flexibility Redesigned integrated Hose Garage with central hose access keeps your CT Dust Extractor going straight when you tug on the hose during clean-up tasks.

Fully compatible with all existing CT MIDI Filters and Filter Bags, as well as Cleaning Sets, Hoses, Nozzles, and other CT accessories.

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  • CT MIDI Dust Extractor
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