Domino DF 500 Q Set T-Loc

The set adds the Trim Stop and Cross Stop to the Festool Domino DF 500 Q Joiner. This Festool Domino 500 set also comes with an operating wrench, support bracket, and more.

The Domino. The tool that changed everything. Every once and a while a tool comes along that makes you think differently, revolutionizes the way to complete a complex task and changes the way we work.

The year was 2007 and the Domino is that tool. With an adjustable/pivoting fence from 0 to 90 degrees, adjustable cutter height with 7 step adjustments, precise 5 level mortise depth control, and retractable stop flaps for perfect indexing, the Domino Joiner makes loose tenon joinery fast, easy and accurate.

There are six domino sizes, from 4 x 20 mm to 10 x 24 x 50 mm: suitable for every wood working application. All Domino tenons are solid wood - not the compressed wood used with Biscuit joinery. These dense tenons fit snugly in the mortise cut, they will not rotate, they will not swell and telegraph through the stock, and they are way stronger than either dowels or biscuits. Beech Dominos for indoor projects and Sipo (mahogany) dominos for outdoor projects, all available in 6 sizes from 4 x 17 x 20 mm to 10 x 24 x 50 mm for all possible applications.

Their fit is so right on you can preassemble a project without glue as a mock up and it will stay together - until you take it apart.

The corresponding spiral carbide cutters have a unique way of "cutting" through that wood oscillating and rotating - making precise mortises every time. By the way, those carbide bits are capable of withstanding from 5,000 - 14,000 cuts, (but who's counting?) depending upon material.

Used with a dust extractor (highly recommended) there's 100% dust collection.

The Domino is one of my best selling tools, and a little bit of quick story, if I might. Months before the Domino's release in the Spring of 2007, there was a huge and roaring buzz about this tool - the folks across the pond in Europe already had the tool in hand and feedback and press reports were incredibly positive, About this time, I received a call from a lady, asking if the Domino was available now. I told her it wasn't and she asked if she could pay to "borrow" mine, as her kitchen contractor had told her that he would lower the price of her kitchen cabinets if she could somehow get a Domino into his hands for her project. It must have be a substantial price difference, because she was persistent. Well, she didn't get it and either delayed her project or paid more than she wanted to, but I think this spoke volumes about the Domino's efficiency. Yep, to contractors time is $$, but efficiency ain't limited to contractors!

The Domino is Festool's baby from ground up, won every type of tool award imaginable and is available now, no need to pay more for your kitchen! When Festool's patent for the Domino expires in about a dozen years, expect to see the knockoffs flood the shelves, but wiser people will buy the real deal now.

Domino Joiner reviews, tips and manuals are here (link).  
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  • Domino DF 500 Q Set T-Loc
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