Dust Extractors (Save 10% When Purchased with Tool)

Placing the priority on working clean.

In the shop or a home, dust control can't be an afterthought. Not if you want to save yourself the time, cost and mess of dealing with it later. Festool Dust Extractors connect effortlessly with tools and capture fine particles at the source. This all but eliminates cleanup, creates smoother finishes, extends the life of your tools - and protects the air you breathe. By these advantages alone, it's easy to see how this systems' approach centers around working clean. And why Festool created a lineup that has you covered on any job, large or small.

Watch the video below to see the Festool HEPA Dust Extractors in action.

Festool CT HEPA Dust Extractors Can Be Used For Any Job Big Or Small.

The CT Midi and Mini are practical and lightweight, with an integrated hose garage. They are best suited for smaller jobs or when compact portability is a priority.

The CT 26, CT 36 and CT 48 are more suited for all-around performance in the shop or construction site. They come standard with HEPA filters and can be combined with the CT-ASA Boom arm for expanded versatility in the workshop, or with a rear-mounted handle for increased mobility.

As Important As The Air You Breathe.

Dust control is an integral part of the Festool system and design philosophy. We believe you will find our dust extractors to be among the best in the industry, with features not found on other vacuum systems. Festool offers a full line of portable dust collectors optimized for the way you work.

Dust Extractor Applications.

At Festool, we do not think only in terms of power tools, but also in terms of power tool systems that help you work faster, easier and smarter. Festool mobile dust extractors offer an extensive range of accessories for every cleaning task. The cleaning sets come in metal or plastic and the choice of antistatic or non-antistatic hoses in three diameters to meet all your tool and dust extraction requirements. A wide assortment of connectors, reducers, and special sleeves allow you to tailor your system.

Festool offers a wide selection of filtration options for ultimate flexibility. In addition to the standard disposable filter bags, Festool offers a longlife, re-usable bag. There are four main filters to choose from: standard, longlasting, wet and HEPA (standard equipment on all current CT models). An optional dirt trap is available for wet applications.

Sys-Docks and optional hose hooks, holders and hose garages present useful ways to organize your cleaning accessories and Systainers. The flat tops are a perfect place to temporarily rest your power tools while you work. In the shop, the addition of an extension handle increases mobility (CT 26, CT 36 and CT 48 only). Add a boom arm, and the hoses and cords are kept up and out of the way, allowing you to work in a clutter-free environment.

The CT 26, CT 36 and CT 48 can be equipped for connecting to pneumatic tools. Compressed air service units, auto-start conversion kits and IAS 2 single and double adapters make the CT even more versatile.

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