Jigsaw CARVEX PSBC 420 EB Plus (with Airstream Batteries)

Go cordless, without missing a thing. Low vibration and unparalleled ergonomics make all Carvex Jigsaws easy to control and comfortable to use.

Carbide guidance system - Triple blade reinforcement with rigid support rod and carbide jaws reduce blade wander and drift.

Interchangeable base system - Easily and quickly swap bases as needed from the butterfly-style angle base to the circle cutting base.

4-LED stroboscopic light - Illuminate the cut line in-sync with the blade for effortless and improved visibility for precise cuts and less rework.

Splinter-free action - Solid one-piece Splinterguards are cut with the blade mounted in the machine. This allows precise zero-clearance for ultra clean cuts with no splinters or tearout.

Brushless motor technology - EC-TEC motor with full electronic controls is long-lasting and energyefficient, enabling extensive cutting with reduced effort and strain.

MMC electronics - Increase cut performance with remarkable control featuring variable speed, constant speed under load, thermal and overload protection and a new automatic setting.

PSBC 420 EB (1X), T-Shank Jigsaw Blades for Wood (2X), Chip Catcher (1X), Splinterguard (1X), T-Loc Systainer SYS 2 TL (1X), Quick Charger Airstream SCA 8 (1x), Airstream 5.2 Ah Li Battery (1x).  
Price: $550.00
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  • Jigsaw CARVEX PSBC 420 EB Plus (with Airstream Batteries)
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