Jigsaw TRION PSB 300 EQ T-Loc

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Maybe I have a soft spot in my heart for Festool's jigsaws, since the PS 2 E (predecessor to the PS 300 jigsaws) was my first Festool tool purchase way back when and served as my introduction to Festool quality. Life is funny like that, I suppose.

Most jigsaws suffer from the same inherent problem - blade deflection. You won't have this problem with Festool's Trion series of Jigsaws. Festool engineering has addressed this issue by incorporating adjustable carbide guides along with a backup bearing that keeps the blade ninety degrees to the shoe all the time. Kinda what separates the men from the boys. Combined with a zero clearance splinter guard, true ninety degree cuts are now a reality. With 720 watts, it's like a miniature bandsaw in your hand.

Of course, as with all Festool power tools, it has integral dust collection. Tool-less blade changes and adjustable orbital action are icing on the cake. With the Guide Stop, these jigsaw can be used with Festool's guide rail system.

The Jigsaws come in 2 styles - the only difference between the PS and PSB is the grip - Barrel or D handle. Your call. Gentleman, choose your guns.  
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  • TRION PSB 300 EQ Jigsaw, T-Loc Systainer
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