MFK 700 Router - Basic

A precise, upgradable trim router.
The trim router has evolved. Powerful and precise the MFK 700 offers the user both vertical and horizontal modes of operation, accomplished with quick and easy tool-less base changes. The adjustabilty of the MFK is second to none, with 1/10 of a millimeter movement in either direction. This is a crucial feature when working with solid wood edge banding in the horizontal mode or inlay work in the vertical. With the attachable base feeler bearing, you can use non-bearing router bits! The Festool MMC electronics allows this router a constant spindle speed under load and with the speed adjustable you will never burn a piece of stock again.

Trimming laminates is messy. With a conventional trimmer, laminate dust ends up everywhere. Not with the MFK 700. The Festool dust collection and swivel hose attachment solves this headache. When problems are solved, work becomes faster, easier and smarter.
Price: $425.00
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  • Router MFK 700 Router - Basic
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