MFT/3 Multi-Function Table

Versatility. Portability. Durability. 1 table - 1000 possibilities. The MFT/3 stands alone as the ideal work surface. It is flat, portable, stable, and fully integrated with the Festool system. The unique grid-hole pattern and Festool clamps allow for multiple clamping options for sanding, routing, sawing, and doing glue-ups. Combined with the Festool guide rail system, angle unit, and fence system, the MFT/3 can be used with Festool plunge saws or routers for accurate and repeatable cuts. Festool MFT/3 is the ultimate multi-function work surface that helps you work Faster, Easier, and Smarter.

What Are The New Features?
- 35" Work Surface Height (900 mm)
- New V-Groove Profile For Adapting Future Accessories
- Lighter Weight For Improved Portability, 11 Lbs. Less Than MFT 1080
- Optional Support Cross Members For Additional Stability
- 85% More Work Surface Than The MFT 800
- 15% Lighter Than The MFT 1080

What Features Have Not Changed?
- Compatible With All Existing MFT Clamps, Accessories and Connectors
- Bore Size and Offset On Perforated Top Match MFT 800/1080.  
Price: $645.00
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  • MFT/3 Multifunction Table
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