MTR-18 Precision BasicTriangle

An 18" (457mm) precision system triangle designed to unlock the potential of your 20mm patterned worktop

Just a few of the possibilities when you combine the TSO Products MTR-18 with a modern 20mm worktop. Much more than a triangle, the MTR-18 is a first-of-its-kind tool combining the accuracy of a CNC machined precision triangle with a range of optional accessories to enable countless clamping, angle measurement and jig scenarios. Designed to take advantage of today's modern 20mm hole patterned worktops, the MTR-18 has all of the features and capability found in its cousin—the PTR-18—but adds the ability to be set to any angle with the optional indexing pointer and brass locking pin (available in the MTR-18 Master Accessory Kit and MTR-18 Set). Once registered to a 20mm patterned worktop such as the Festool® MFT/3, the MTR-18 straight edge tool acts as a fast and extremely accurate angle register. Dial in a precise angle with its large protractor scale and available pointer with parallax-free viewport—and then lock it in place with our own DoubleGrooveTM Large Dogs and M8 SpeedKnobsTM. With a long edge of more than 635mm (25"), the MTR-18 sOnce registered to a 20mm patterned wtraight edge tool can even act as a removeable fence for the Festool MFT/3 or any 20mm patterned work surface that conforms to this popular standard.

  • Guaranteed Accurate: Machined on high-precision CNC machining centers and made from thick precision aluminum tooling plate guaranteed square to within .001” over its 18” length as verified using an automated CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine).
  • Removable Foot: Enables freestanding use or quick angle measurement off the edge of your table or workpiece. Includes ball-tip Allen wrench and stainless steel socket screws which can be conveniently stowed in tapped holes along the foot when not in use.
  • Festool Compatible: Arched 20mm slot is perfectly positioned to align with the holes on your Festool MFT/3 table and accept DoubleGrooveTM Large Dogs—providing an accurate, repeatable, and adjustable means of rapidly aligning workpieces or ensuring the squareness of your Festool fence, guide rail and grid pattern. (Note that you can also use widely available alternative bench dog brands, but those alternatives may not provide enough depth to accommodate clamping knobs—like our well-regarded M8 SpeedKnobsTM—once inserted through the triangle and table.)
  • Repeatable Accuracy: Cardinal angles of 0, 15, 22.5, 30, and 45 degrees can be quickly set with available indexing pointer and M8 indexing pin.
  • Flexible Foot Options: Included M6 index pins can be attached to one side of the triangle's face, forming a foot on just one side of the precision triangle. (See animation below.)
  • Dual Dimensioned: Both Imperial or Metric measurement included (one on each side).
  • Easy to Read: Extremely legible, large, laser-engraved marking.
  • Made in the USA: Carefully manufactured in low volume and stocked in Minnesota.
  • Expandable with Accessories: Secure the MTR-18 straight edge tool to your Festool MFT/3 table at any angle with the available MTR-18 Master Accessory Kit which includes Indexing Pointer, Indexing Pin, T-Bolt, and a pair of DoubleGrooveTM Large Dogs—or order everything at once with the MTR-18 Set.
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  • MTR-18 Precision BasicTriangle
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