MTR-18A Master Accessory Kit

Tranform your triangle into the most versatile tool in your workshop.

Extend the utility of your MTR-18 triangle with the Master Accessory Kit, which includes everything you need to secure the MTR-18 to your perforated worktop, dial in infinite and repeatable angles, and clamp the triangle while its upright. Comprised of a finely machined pointer with parallax-free viewport, a brass locking pin with t-bolt, two DoubleGroove™ Large Dogs, two M8 TM, two clamping angles, and two Allen drivers, this kit includes all of the parts needed to register the MTR-18 triangle to your 20mm hole pattern worktop and quickly set any angle with precision. Because the DougleGroove Dogs are sized to fit any perforated worktop, like the Festool MFT/3 or home-made surfaces, you'll find plenty of other excuses to use them frequently—even when your MTR-18 is stowed away.


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  • MTR-18A Master Accessory Kit
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