Orbital 1/2 sheet sander RS 2 T-Loc

Light surface half sheet sander
Have a cabinet shop? Work with large flat surfaces? Table-tops? Furniture grade plywood?

Then you need the Festool RS 2 E Orbital Sander. It's one of what I refer to as Festool's "hidden gems". This tool with its 4-1/2 x 9 inch pad tackles the big jobs with ease and with only a 2.5 millimeter orbit the RS 2 sander gives you a extremely flat and smooth surface. Got a slew of older 1/2 papers gathering dust? No problem, they can be used by simply using the supplied clamp on the RS 2 E's edge. If you use the Hole Punch, hell, you can avail yourself of Festool's dust collection.

This is a wonderful, heavy (as in solid, not in weight), old fashioned (as in beautifully constructed) half sheet sander that literally gets smoother the more you use it and is almost like taking a step back into simpler times. Variable speed control, vibration-stop for all day comfort, and Festool's dust collection system add up to a tool that should be in every pro shop.

Click here to view the Festool Abrasives Guide -- making it easier to find the matching abrasives for your specific sander.  
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  • Orbital 1/2 sheet sander RS 2 T-Loc
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