Planer HL 850 E (Imperial)

Please note that this is the Imperial version of this product.

Finally; a cabinet grade powered hand held planer that is also equal to the task of the rough stuff.

With the cutter head set flush to the outside of the tool, you are able to remove stock from the entire width of the rabbet, a task I might add, formerly regulated to hand tools. And you have unlimited rabbet depth as well. Depth controls are on the handle are stepless and totally visible at the top of the machine.

The dust collection port is switchable to either side for maneuverability. Speaking of dust collection, the Festool HL 850 offers near total chip extraction. Blade changing is simple (loosen 3 screws, replace blade, tighten screws) and foolproof – the blades are self aligning. Speaking of blades, the supplied carbide spiral blade cuts smoothly and cleanly.

Festool offers accessories for the HL850 that truly make it unique. Three different rustic planing heads for flooring or exposed beam manufacture.

Ok, you have a planer with unlimited rabbet depth, excellent dust collection, superior ergonomics, carbide spiral blade, interchangeable cutterheads, MMC electronics, quick and certain blade changing, so what else could Festool offer in a hand power planer to set the HL 850 E Planer further apart from the competition? Drum roll, please - they also offer a Bench Unit to convert the HL 850 into a small, accurate, yet extremely portable, edge joiner. Whoda thought?

The HL 850 E Planer, truly a cut above.  
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  • Planer HL 850 E (Imperial)
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