6" dual mode sander RO 150 FEQ T-Loc

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Never before has such a powerful sander been so refined. The Rotex RO 150 changes effortlessly from coarse sanding, to fine sanding, to polishing. Changing sanding pads is simple, and requires no extra tools. 720 Watts of power means the Festool RO 150 can take on any job. Yet its 5 lb. frame, minimal vibration and superior ergonomic design make it so easy to work with. The gearbox is completely enclosed and impervious to dust, making the Rotex 150 sander extremely reliable, even in the most demanding environments.

Click here to view the Festool Abrasives Guide -- making it easier to find the matching abrasives for your specific sander.  
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  • 6" dual mode sander RO 150 FEQ T-Loc
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