Router OF 1010 EQ - Imperial (Replaces 574339)

Please note that this is the Imperial version of this product.

The Metric version of this item, number 574339 is no longer available.

The Festool 1010 router is truly the jewel of the Festool router line. Its ergonomics, small size and light weight, allows for one-handed operation, the result is a router that's comfortable in your hand all day long. Precise depth control in 1/10th of a millimeter increments (1/256 of an inch) and is powerful enough to spin any 1/4 inch or 8 mm bit, simply adds to this router's versatility.

And speaking of versatility, the 1010 is designed to work with the complete Festool system, this includes but is not limited to, the Guide Rail System, the 32 mm Hole Drilling System and the Dovetail Routing System.

As with all of our power tools, integrated dust collection, variable speed control and overload protection are standard in the Festool OF 1010 EQ.  
Price: $470.00
  • Item #: 574691
  • Router OF 1010 EQ - Imperial
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