OF 1400 EQ Router - Imperial (Replaces 574342)

Please note that this is the Imperial version of this product.

The OF1400 router, if you can only have one Festool router, this would be it. It accepts 1/4, 1/2 and 8 mm bits and spins them with 1400 watts of power.

Though technically a mid sized router, the Festool OF 1400's high wattage combined with Festool's MMC electronics gives this router the ability to power through most any task without fear of overloading.

Micro adjustability and depth control in 1/10th of a millimeter or 1/256 of a inch and twin column locking curbs motor to plate deflection inherent to other brands of routers in this class. Tool-less inserts - the template guide bushings and chip deflector can be inserted and changed with a simple click!

Fully integrated in the Festool system, the OF 1400 is compatible with the Guide Rail System, the VS 600 dovetail jig, the MFS Template System and most other Festool accessories.

Let's not forget as with all Festool power tools, the OF 1400 is engineered around dust collection.

The OF 1400, truly the one router to have if you can only have one.  
Price: $600.00
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  • OF 1400 EQ Router - Imperial
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