OF 2200 EB Router- Imperial (Replaces 574354)

Please note that this is the Imperial version of this product.

The Metric version of this item, number 574354 is no longer available.

The OF 2200 EB is Festool's most powerful router. It can easily plunge into 8/4 hard maple and make a 1/2" groove in a single pass. With 2200 watts of power, you might think you are working with a portable shaper. Designed for exceptional maneuverability, the Festool OF 2200 incorporates many new ergonomic design features, making it easy to control, and a pleasure to use on the jobsite or in the shop.

Click here to visit the OF 2200 microsite to see the features of this electric router in detail.

Price: $970.00
  • Item #: 574689
  • OF 2200 EB Router- Imperial
  • Status: In Stock