Self-Cleaning Filter Bags - CT MIDI

The new CT 26 and 36 dust extractors feature a self-cleaning filter bag that solves a problem that plagues other dust extractors and vacuums. These are now also available for the CT MINI and MIDI. During normal use, fine particles of dust cling to the inner lining of the filter bag resulting in caking. This coating of dust lowers the effective suction dramatically, resulting in poor extraction efficiency, lower performance and also additional strain on the motor. Festool has addressed this issue by developing a unique pliable fleece filter bag that prevents caking. This means that your CT dust extractor continues to deliver full suction until the bag is almost completely full.

The Festool filter bag also serves as a pre-filter and is able to trap dust particles down to 5 microns. By arresting these small particles, in addition to larger chips, the bag extends the life of your main HEPA filter, reducing wear and tear as well as the expense of frequent filter replacement.

Bag disposal is quick and mess-free. An integrated closure on the bag shuts the opening to prevent spilling.

Includes five bags.  
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  • Self-Cleaning Filter - CT MIDI (5 pack)
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