Suction hose D 36x7.0m-AS/CT

For CT 26 / CT 36 / CT 48

For cleaning tasks with CT dust extractors - not suitable for dust extractors with Autoclean

The new suction hose: Smooth and elastic with smooth outer skin for significantly improved handling, a longer service life and increased suction power. The new Cleantec extraction sleeve ensures a secure fit on the tool.

  • Robust, smooth outer skin prevents the suction hose from becoming caught
  • Internal, extremely elastic suction hose for maximum flexibility
  • The CLEANTEC extraction sleeve securely connects the suction hose and power tool with bayonet fitting
  • Antistatic
  • Temperature-resistant to 158 degrees F (+70 degrees C)
  • With rotating adapter and connector
  • smooth
Price: $250.00
  • Item #: 500685
  • Suction hose D 36x7.0m-AS/CT
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