SYS-AZ Drawer Set (5x)

Custom build a storage solution that fits your needs. With individual drawer and slide mechanisms, featuring full-slide capability, each Systainer lid can be fully opened. Designed to work with 32 mm systems for layout and construction. Compatible with Classic or T-LOC Systainers. Maximum load 44 lbs.

  • Use for Do-It-Yourself Sysport construction to hold Festool Systainers
  • Slides fully extend allowing you to open Systainers while in the drawer
  • Compatible with Classic and T-LOC Systainers
  • Optional drawer lock available

Also Available - click here for the Lock and Key for the SYS-AZ Drawer  
Price: $50.00
  • Item #: 500692
  • SYS-AZ Drawer (1x)
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Price: $225.00
  • Item #: 500767
  • SYS-AZ Drawer Set (5x)
  • Status: In Stock