Tall Dogs (set of 2) with Rail Clips (set of 2)

A simpler, easier to use, and more affordable method to mount your guide rail

DoubleGroove Dogs are just part of a complete line of innovative workholding solutions from TSO Products. Combining our DoubleGrooveTM Tall Dogs and Dog Rail Clips, this combo pack includes the parts needed to attach your Festool® guide rail to the MFT/3 or similar 20mm perforated worktop. Note that we highly recommend adding our M8 SpeedKnobsTM (or using Festool's M8 clamping knobs included in their 488030 Clamping Elements kit) to further secure the tall dogs when applying lateral forces typical of a tracksaw cut.

Ingeniously simple and effective, these Dog Rail Clips from UJK Technology® work by sliding into the top-facing extrusion in your Festool guide rail and encircling 20mm bench dogs to form a secure, square attachment to your Festool MFT/3 or similar 20mm perforated worktop. Featuring a clip that is under moderate tension, these Dog Rail Clips can be easily inserted onto dogs at a slight angle and, once the guide rail has been placed flat on top of your workpiece, form a strong connection with your dogs to ensure accurate, repeatable cuts.

Dog Rail Clips can be used with a wide variety of 20mm bench dogs, but they work best with our DoubleGrooveTM Tall Dogs thanks to a slight, "easy-on taper" we've engineered into the top of our dogs. That feature makes it easier to initially engage the clips around the dog as you're placing the guide rail on your workpiece.

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  • Tall Dogs (set of 2) with Rail Clips (set of 2)
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