“I'm a relatively new Festool customer, but I’d just like you to know that I’m not buying my Festool goodies from anyone but you. Everything you ship is so well packed, and I truly appreciate how you take the time to follow up on small issues like my missing manual. You really do a nice job for your customers. Thank you. It’s a pleasure doing business with you.”
— Jim E., VA

“Thanks a lot for your quick response time. Your good internet reputation proceeds you!”
— Michael B., CA

“Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your great customer service - quick email responses, quick shipping, excellent packaging, and truly providing first class support for the best power tools made today. Will continue to look to you for all my Festool needs.”
— Frank Z., OH

“Received my product from you today. Was initially concerned when I noticed damage to the cardboard box. But when I opened the box and saw my parts wrapped in bubble wrap 6 ways to Sunday I was impressed, you guys are the best. My systainers are pristine just as you advertise. I purchase online and have product shipped on a regular basis. Out of all the different vendors I purchase from your attention to packaging is the best.”
— Stephen C., NJ

“Thanks for the quick response. I can see why the word on your great customer service gets around. That customer service is exactly why I ordered from you instead of the competitors. Thanks!”
— Dan R., PA

“I've ordered all my tools from you and I don't plan on changing that at all. Very happy with your service.”
— Raul A., CA

“I have not gotten customer service like this from any of the companies I deal with. I appreciate it.”
— Jeff F., CA

“I wanted to email you and thank you for the quick shipment and great customer service of my purchase last week. Thanks for throwing in the hat too! Can't wait for my next Festool purchase!”
— Stuart W., WV

“Thanks dude. You are my favorite Festool dealer! Love those extra manuals you send!!! ”
— Rogerio P., FL

“Festool Service was great. Sent it in, they replaced the battery and had it back to me in less than a week. Gotta love Festool support (and you too!) ”
— James R., NY

“When I buy Festool it's from you.Great web presence, great service. With a fairtraded product what else can it be! ”
— Richard G., NH

“I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for the awesome customer service!! I have ordered several things from you over the years and am always amazed at how fast the product gets to me and the special care you take to pack and ship the product so it arrives undamaged! Great job!! ”
— Paul K., MN

“You have a very good reputation for taking care of your customers and I see why. Thank you very much for checking on it for me, and I will definitely look to you for future Festool purchases. ”
— Charlie W., GA

“I appreciate your service past and present. You are my Festool go-to guys! My local dealer takes WEEKS to get anything. I have given up on them. I drive down the block, and order something; it takes weeks to get here. From you, it usually takes only three or four days clear across the country! ”
— Bix W., CA

“I just had to send you a quick message to say thank you for the most amazing service...period! I needed a new 36mm hose because my anti-static hose had several kinks and just wasn't working for me. I placed an order for the non-antistatic hose and the package was sitting on my doorstep in less than 24 hours from the time the order was placed. With outstanding service like that I can tell you that you have gained a customer for life! ”
— Mitch S., KY

“I'll recommend that you call Bob Marino. His site pops up on the first page of any Festool google search. Before I bought anything, I called him and he educated me on every specifics. The man knows his stuff. He even called me back once when I ordered the wrong size sandpaper because he remembered which sanders I had purchased and he knew my web order was incorrect.

I've probably talked to him half a dozen times and each time he has been of immense assistance. By the way, you won't find a better price or better service anywhere. Free shipping, too. ”

— Greg, MO

“Thanks again and this is why we like getting all our stuff through you instead of the local woodcraft or other dealers. Great customer service.”
— Bobby B

“Awesome Bob, thank you so much! I've patiently waited quite awhile to make this order........ I sincerely appreciate your gesture and your availability. You are why I did not order from Amazon.Thank you again! ”
— Kevin K, AR

“👍👍👍👍 wow awesome. Thanks!! I ordered bags too. Thanks man. Seriously you're the best dealer to do trading with.”
— Justin K, NY

“Bob, last item came in yesterday. It's been a real pleasure and I'm looking forward to the next order. The tools, packaging, delivery and service all perfect. Thanks very much!”
— John S, MO

“Bob went above and beyond to make my festool purchase a pleasant experience. He answered questions within hours of email even during non-business hours. Bob is very easy to work with and goes out of his way to make sure you are happy. Thanks again!”
— Shaun E, MD

“You could've said no (considering I did receive it on 9/10/13 - I checked UPS tracking # on the box it was shipped in). However, in yet another example of your excellent customer service, you said ok. This is one reason I (from my first Festool purchased, through all subsequent purchases, and all future orders) will continue my business with you. Anyway, thanks again. You're the best!”
— Joseph R, CA

“I want to say Thank You for the service and man you are fast! I was concerned about ordering such equipment over the net, and more over who to purchase it from. I had done a ton of research and found you were highly recommended to go to, order from and trusted support. You answered a question for me the other day with a fast and courteous reply. I appreciated that and it just convinced me to place my order with you, so I did. Thank You again and down the Festool road I go.”
— John M, IA

“I bought from you a long time ago through a friend - we pooled an order together for our first Festool purchase. He's been buying from you ever since and reminded me to come back to you because of your customer care. I never expected an email sent from someone's iPhone!!! Even he'll be surprised.

Thanks for taking the time, Bob! This isn't what I expected. I won't buy from anywhere else. My son and I have been talking about you for the last half hour. You've made quite an impression on us. I wish you continued success and applaud your efforts to exceed expectations.

Thanks for the wonderful service and thanks for providing us with a wonderful father-son teaching/bonding moment.”

— Eric R, TX

“Thanks for your great customer service. I am an HVAC, & Electrical contractor, not even close to a carpenter. And would never look for high end tools that are not directly related to my trades. I saw a You Tube Video that Ron did and bought his plans. In his set of plans there are links to where he buys things. He explained that he only buys his Festools from you. If your service is good enough for a successful professional carpenter, then you are more than adequate for my entry level skill set. Please blame Ron for my new addiction to Festools, and you, sir, are my dealer. Which is a burden you have to bear. I will be emailing and calling repeatedly, likely after my busy summer season has passed, to ask questions and get advice on products and methods. ”
— David V

“Thank you for all the help and advice. I'm pretty excited to begin my first foray into the Festool system, and glad I was able to do so through your store. Many forums including FOG regard you and your company very highly.”
— David C, MA

“I love my Festools. I cannot believe it took me so long to "find" them. Various places on the web said you are the go-to-guy/Festool supplier. I would have to agree.”
— Dave R, CA

“Thanks Bob! I heard about you on Sawmill Creek. Lots of great reviews. Thanks for the quick response to my order.”
— Julie M, IL

“Bob, Thanks for the delivery of the sandpaper. A small order of only two boxes of sandpaper BUT you went out of your way for me to make sure it was the right kind and shipped out asap. I received it on Saturday. I really appreciate it. Goodbye Woodcraft.......Hello Bob (i mean it, and I have a big wish list.)”
— Colyn, KY

“Thanks so much for your prompt customer service and care regarding my order ... Have a great weekend and hope to hear back from you soon, and sorry to sound like broken record but I can’t thank you enough again!”
— Anthony P, NY

“I want to give a Thank You to Bob Marino for the great service and very quick delivery. Placed order Mon afternoon and received order about an hour ago! Thanks Bob and terrific job.”
— Robin M, IL

“I've ordered a few things from him, always delivered on time and he's definitely spent is share of time helping me with purchases. But this last one was exceptional. I ordered a MFT/3 from him back in December, and hadn't had a chance to unbox it until last week. Found out the miter fence wasn't packed with the kit and was a bit worried b/c I lagged on checking for so long, but one call to Bob the next morning and I had my fence 2 days later! Fantastic! Bob, I tip my cap to you.”
— Justin, SC

“Had the very same experience with the missing miter fence, and Bob shipped it to me ASAP. His advice and service have been wonderful.”
— Dick T, NY State

“I order clear across the United States because of Bob's impeccable record of service. Once you have the real thing - there is no substitute.”
— Brent B, WA

“Thanks again for your wonderful service, I hope you are selling the hell out of Festool. You should be their #1 guy.”
— Victor C., CA

“Bob has always had a well deserved reputation for providing outstanding customer service. However, this went way beyond the call of duty. To me, it just proves the point that once you find a good thing, you stick with it. Hopefully, there will be additional Festool purchases in my future. If so, they will all be through Bob.”
— Jack H., NJ

“I will put it this way. Bob has been so nice to me that I would go out of my way just to buy a Festool tool just to deal with Bob again.”
— Paul C.

“I have bought almost every tool Festool makes. I have been trying to imagine how Bob Marino could have been more helpful, and I can't.”
— Ed M.