VAC SYS System Set

The Ultimate Suction-Based Clamping Solution

Work more efficiently with the new VAC SYS System. With proven vacuum-based suction clamping, the Festool VAC SYS set provides a highly effective and ergonomic work platform for nearly any project. Effectively clamp material or a workpiece for effortless machining and finishing while protecting delicate surfaces from clamp damage. Each Clamping Module (available separately or with the VAC PMP), is equipped with a suction base that adheres to non-porous surfaces with a quick release valve, and can adapt to many surface sizes based on interchangeable Vacuum Pods (available separately).

    Improve work processes
    Easily reduce set-up time with simple and effortless clamping that allows for full surface access.

    Protect material surfaces
    Woodworking vacuum clamps with soft vacuum cups provides non-marring clamping which protects the workpiece and helps to reduce re-work.

    Reduce fatigue
    Rotate material 360 or tilt the workpiece from 0 to 90 as needed for even greater access. The VAC SYS puts larger and more awkward pieces well within reach which reduces the fatigue associated with stretching over and around the material.

Includes the VAC PMP (201064) and VAC SYS SE1 (201065 - including round vacuum pod and foot valve) and Clamping Module SE 2 (580062 - including oblong vacuum pod)  
Price: $1,375.00
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  • VAC SYS System Set
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