HEPA Dust Extractors

The brand new CT 26 and CT 36 Dust Extractors from Festool represent the most evolved, most complete dust removal system available today. Backed up by tools that are engineered for efficient dust removal as a top priority, and the broadest range of cleaning sets, filters, bags, hoses, nozzles, brushes available, we are confident that you will not find a more complete solution.

The new units offer many of the features that have made the CT 22 & 33 the standard-bearers for dust extraction, including HEPA filters as standard equipment, tool-actuated startup, antistatic capability, and more.

In addition, the new CT units offer greater capacity, all-new Self-Cleaning Filter Bags, and a Hose Garage as standard equipment.

Click here to visit the Festool microsite for full details of the CT 26 and CT 36 HEPA dust extractors.