VS 600 Joining System

Dovetail joints are the hallmark of fine woodworking, but every woodworker knows just how time-consuming it is to get dovetails right. It involves careful calculations and a lot of manual chiseling. Even "simple" butted joints with dowels can present challenges.If the edges of the finished piece are going to come out flush, then the dowel on both workpieces must be painstakingly accurate. .

This work can be done laboriously by hand, expensively on industrial machinery, or quickly and easily using the Festool VS 600 Joining System! All you need to do is clamp the template in the jig, place the workpiece against the swivel stop, secure the workpiece, fine-adjust with the eccentric memory ring, and rout. It's unbelievably fast, and unbelievably accurate—join after perfectly-fitting joint. With the Festool VS 600 you can make beautiful, solid, dovetail, box, or dowel joints in a fraction of the time.