CMS Systems

Full Festool system integrated to provide optimal results.

Built for precision above all else, the Festool CMS System features tremendous adjustability plus a host of features that combine to help you control the work piece, so you get uncompromised results.

Benefits of Festool CMS Router Tables.

  • Fully system integrated, no cobbled together components.
  • Precise, fully adjustable routing surface.
  • Top-side router bit height adjustment.
  • Integrated featherboards for safe operation.
  • Exceptional dust extraction when used with a Festool HEPA dust extractor.
  • Sliding miter table (available as part of the set version or sold separately).
  • Lightweight, ultra-portable design with the GE free-standing model, which is great for the jobsite or shop.
  • Three-year Festool warranty.

System Integration.

Don't deal with the frustration of trying to hack together a bunch of router table components from various manufacturers. Instead, get exceptional routing results right out of the box with a router table designed to work as a system. The components of the Festool CMS Router Table, the OF 1010 or OF 1400 Routers, and CT HEPA Dust Extractors work in perfect harmony to take your craft to a higher level.

Designed to work seamlessly with the Festool OF 1400 and OF 1010 routers, the CMS System delivers maximum precision, efficiency, and ease of use without all the fuss and hassle of a patchwork system.

Watch the video below to see the CMS Router Table in action.

Precision. A product of ultimate adjustability.

The Festool CMS Router Table allows you to easily dial in every adjustment point for uncompromising precision. It all starts with the standard top-mounted height adjustment, which is usually an expensive upgrade with most high-end router tables. Your Festool OF 1010 or OF 1400 router has a flat surface that engages the integrated router lift. A handle is inserted into the top of the router table and is used to crank the lift to raise or lower the router bit height. Optionally, the handle can also be used to adjust the height from under the router table. The handle can be stored on the front of the CMS.

The CMS router bit height can be finely adjusted in 1/256-inch (1/10 mm) increments.

Fully adjustable fence.

The fence design of the Festool CMS Table exceeds the basic fence design common to so many router tables today. Independently adjustable sides with precision micro-adjustment are just the beginning. The real key to effective and safe router table usage is the ability to maneuver the workpiece through the table with control and safety. The integrated hold-downs and featherboard-like action of the guarding assembly not only help to minimize exposure to the cutter, but they also help to keep even and consistent pressure on the material for precise, reliable cuts. Limitless adjustability backed by Festool build-quality guarantees the most precise routing system available, helping you to achieve better results in less time.

Sliding table and miter gauge.

The optional sliding table provides even greater functionality to the CMS Router Table. It multiplies the surface area of the table which translates to greater controllability when maneuvering material and it increases the transfer of stock on the table by providing a rolling support surface that moves with the workpiece. With its integrated, adjustable stop points it is easy to set up repeat cuts like stopped dados. Also built-in to the sliding table are multiple mounting points for the optional miter gauge assembly with fence. In conjunction with the sliding table, the miter gauge provides the means to set angles as well as clamp the material to the fence of the gauge and move the entire piece in harmony with the sliding table.

A key component to use with the sliding table, the Miter Gauge provides a strong reference for the placement of stock for repeatable and accurate routing. Use for routing miters, angled cope routs, and many other angled joints. Attaching the miter gauge to the sliding table ensures smooth, accurate, and consistent cuts with less friction than in-table T-slots making repeatability a breeze. The attached fence has an integrated T-slot for attaching clamps for secure and stable routing of the workpiece.

Chip guard with start pin.

The chip guard with start pin allows for great maneuverability of the workpiece when using bearing guided bits while providing excellent dust extraction. The Festool chip guard design provides great visibility of the cutter and workpiece while minimizing exposure to the cutter for a safe and reliable cut. The starting pin allows guidance into the cut as an index point while doing freehand edge work like raised panels, coves, roundovers, beads, etc. The Festool starting pin design is unique as it is more than a pin, it is also an elongated guide with a tapered end that can be set to rest on the bearing of the bit allowing full control to the cut.

One clean operation.

Routers are notoriously known for creating, and projecting, a large volume of chips quickly. The Festool CMS Router Table and Festool Routers are designed to control the chips as they are created. With a in-fence dust port and below the table dust port, chip capture isn't an afterthought which allows you to focus on routing, not cleaning.

Take advantage of Festool's commitment to optimal dust extraction by using the CMS Router Table and OF 1010 or OF 1400 Router with a Festool CT HEPA Dust Extractor. Enjoy the advantages of automatic tool-triggered dust extraction. A HEPA certified filter comes standard on all CT Dust Extractors, with the exception of the CT 36 AutoClean made for the Festool drywall sander.

The in-fence dust port and the dust port below the table do a phenomenal job of catching chips and fine dust regardless of your type of routing task. The in-fence port accepts a 36mm hose and the chip guard accepts a 27mm or 36mm hose.

The CMS is available as a Set Version which includes a specially made splitter hose that allow you to connect top and bottom dust extraction to a single dust extractor. The hose set can also be purchased separately as product number 488292.

Portability: A Festool Core Philosophy.

There are several fundamental principles that define Festool's approach to engineering a power tool. One of them is portability. The Festool CMS Router Table adheres to that philosophy by offering a router table system that can be used on the benchtop, in the shop or at the jobsite.

The CMS Model GE has folding legs that allow it to be used in several configurations and to make it compact for easy transport. The compact footprint doesn't take up a lot of space in your vehicle and it only take seconds to unfold the legs and you're ready to rout.

Don't care about portability? Get the same features and functionality from the CMS Model VL which attaches to the Festool MFT/3 MultiFunction Table. Both the Model VL and GE are the same height as the MFT/3 MultiFunction Table and Kapex UG Extensions, offering additional outfeed support when used in conjunction with one another.

Even though the CMS GE is portable, there's no compromise to the precision it offers. You get the same exacting routing results on the go that you would in the shop.

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