TS 75 EQ Plunge Cut Saws

TS 75 EQ Plunge Cut Saw

Cut through your workload like never before with the new TS 75 plunge-cut saw. Take on bigger projects with Festool's largest cutting depth yet 2 15/16" or 2 3/4" with the included guide rail. And with 13 amps of adjustable power, the Festool TS 75 EQ has plenty of muscle to spare - powerful enough to cut through steel doors. And it won't tire you out as quickly since it weighs less than 14 lbs.

A limit stop and slip clutch drastically reduce the effects of kickbacks, making the TS 75 much safer to use. The splinter guard and guide rail make glue-ready cuts a reality. Add it all up and you have a fierce, versatile saw that's easy on the user and tough on everything else.

Superior ergonomic design makes this powerful saw nearly effortless to work with.

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