Hand Sanding

Hand Sanding Blocks are ideal for touch-ups, contours, delicate curves, and tight spaces, where a power sander would be overkill. All Festool hand sanders are equipped with the StickFix mechanical fastening system, making abrasive changes quick and easy.

Whether for those difficult-to-reach spots or for carrying out minor corrections GRANAT premium hand sanding abrasives ensure you will achieve the desired sanding results quickly and effi ciently, even for hand sanding. Long lasting, high-performance abrasives are resistant to tearing and are durable and washable. The synthetic resin bonding provides a tenacious grip for long lasting cutting power without grooves or scratches. Specially formed sponges provide unique profi les tackle hard-to-solve hand sanding problems, and sheets and rolls, tackle common sanding needs.

Vlies are a permeable structure abrasive matrix that resists clogging. Flexible structure is ideally suited to abrading profiles, convex and concave structures, as well as general-purpose scuff sanding. Available as medium, fine, super-fine, and ultra-fine.

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