Festool: A History Of Quality And Innovation.

What is the driving force behind Festool? it is a passion for quality and a history of innovation that continues to this day. In 1929, when Albert Fezer and Gottlieb Stoll developed the first portable chainsaw, little did they know that, nearly 80 years later, the company they founded would be an industry leader, designing and developing superior portable power tools for the way tradesmen work.

At Festool, our reputation has always been built on attention to detail, ergonomic design and unyielding precision. Our power tools are designed to solve problems and facilitate the highest-quality workmanship.

This commitment sets us apart in the industry. Our product developers visit woodworking shops throughout the world, paying close attention to how work is done. Our power tools are then designed to eliminate or combine steps, tighten tolerances, improve accuracy, and help tradesmen deliver a superior finished product.

Our past uniquely positions us for the future. Festool is still privately held by one of the original founding families. Throughout the years, Festool has continued to set benchmarks for the industry with the introduction of the first orbital sander, the first eccentric sander, the Rotex® dual-mode sander, the first brushless drill driver, and the revolutionary DOMINO® tenon joiner.

Each employee is dedicated to the company’s goal of delivering a one-of-a-kind experience and superior power tools—power tools that help you work Faster, Easier, Smarter.