What makes the best deal the Best Deal?

In these busy, boisterous times of the Internet, we are often bombarded with shouts of "best deals," "lowest prices," "biggest savings," etc., and that can make it puzzling to decide where to finalize your purchase. It's hard to separate the noise from the message. In the world of Festool, they do simplify matters, since all dealers essentially charge the same prices. And luckily for the consumer, there are plenty of excellent woodworking tool dealers out there to choose from.

But what makes a "best deal" the Best Deal? Well, let's lower the volume a bit. Here's our take; here's what we offer our customers at Bob Marino's Festool Store.

  • There's no minimum shipping charges - shipping is on us.

  • We honor all Festool approved package pricing, as well as offering deep discounts on discontinued items.

  • We maintain a large, extensive inventory of products. We restock weekly.

  • Our new Tennessee fulfillment center, Red Stag, is batting 100% on order accuracy. They pack protectively, ship quickly, and they will get your order out the same day if placed before 5pm EST.

  • We are timely with returning emails and calls and there are no multiple prompts to struggle with. Our phone number is my cell number. The transaction isn't complete until the customer is satisfied. If there is a problem, mistake, issue or question with your order, I will get back to you in a timely manner - even if t is "off hours."

So, what is the "best deal?" Maybe it's all of the above, but most importantly, it's the one where the customers are as satisfied with the service as they are with the tools. It's as simple as that. I'm going to call that a Square Deal and that's what we offer here at Bob Marino's Festool Store.

Bob Marino's Festool Store