Designed for the challenges you didn’t see coming

Challenges like getting into that tight space, forgetting stripped-out fasteners, and avoiding the ache in your hand and neck at the end of a job. Because it's Festool, the cordless drills and drivers do more than make holes and sink screws. They anticipate—and solve—your problems. For example, the FastFix chuck system and Centrotec bits combine to bring right angle, eccentric, and depth stop capabilities to one tool. The high-RPM motors deliver speed. And, Festool's ergonomically well-balanced handheld power drill designs keep you working comfortably all day long.

Benefits of Festool Cordless Drills

  • Change chucks quickly and without tools with the FastFix chuck system.
  • Drill and drive rapidly with the high RPM motors.
  • Drill, countersink, and drive screws in less time with the Centrotec bit change system.
  • Many tools in one with FastFix and Centrotec chuck systems (right angle, eccentric, depth stop, compact driver, drill).
  • Easily access tight spots with the compact design.
  • Increased comfort during extended use due to ergonomic, well- balanced, and lightweight design.
  • Electronic controls maintain high performance, while protecting batteries and motors.
  • Optimal run times, consistent power at any speed, and longer service life with integrated electronic controls.
  • Longer battery life and increased productivity thanks to efficient motor design.

Different by design

Our drills look different, because they are different. Crafted to the highest level of German engineering, Festool drills offer a level of quality not found in other drills. From the highly efficient motors, advanced ergonomics, and the interchangeable Centrotec ® and FastFix ® chucks, these drills were designed to work the way people work.

An all new approach

2011 marks a major turning point for Festool Cordless. Building on the incredible success and passionate following of previous generations of its cordless drills, Festool is poised to introduce an entirely new, Li-Ion based lineup.

The updated system features six all-new cordless drills, including the revolutionary CXS ultra-compact cordless drill, a completely revamped C-Drill line, and three new T-Drills, featuring Festool’s first ever 18V solution. In addition, with the creation of two new cordless Carvex jigsaws, our engineers have set an entirely new standard for cordless cutting, where power and precision are a must.

While key system components such as FastFix, Centrotec and extremely efficient motor designs remain the backbone of Festool’s cordless system, the expanded range reflects Festool’s drive to provide a cordless solution for each application level, from light duty drilling and driving to the biggest, toughest challenges you can imagine.

Cordless Drill And Driving Applications

Drilling can pose some of the most challenging operations in construction and assembly. Tight tolerances, cramped spaces, odd angles, thick materials, and precise depth requirements are just a few of the obstacles faced when drilling or driving.

The versatility of the Centrotec chuck design enables the user to drill and drive with great precision in just about every situation. FastFix right angle and eccentric chucks help you get into tight spaces and around corners. Use the depth stop chuck to flawlessly set screws in virtually any material.

Different battery options allow you to choose between lighter weight or longer run times. A broad assortment of Centrotec drilling, driving, and specialty bits are available to make completing any task easier.

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