Mobility & Storage

Get to and from the worksite faster and easier!

SYS-Roll - High-speed transport
Weighing in at a mere 14.3 lbs and with a capacity of 220 lbs, the SYS-Roll provides a simple, convenient means to get your Festool Systainers to and from the worksite, no matter the terrain. Integrated storage secures small parts essential to the task at hand, reinforced risers tackle stairs with ease, and large, locking casters make sure your stack stays put.

SYS-Cart - Low-profile portability
You’re always ready to roll with the new low-profile, rugged SYS-Cart. It allows you to create custom assortments of tools and accessories for job-specific tasks. Large locking casters easily maneuver cracks and obstacles, while ensuring that your goods stay put. The SYS-Cart’s locking latches grip each component securely, and its wide base ensures the stability of your equipment. Easily transport up to 220 lbs in less time, and with less fatigue.

SYS-Toolbox – Keeps critical tools within reach
Save time through better organization with the new open-face SYS-Toolbox. The easy-access design of the SYSToolbox allows you to keep what you need within easy reach—you’ll spend less time searching for frequently used tools and accessories. A perfect complement to the Festool Systainer System, the SYS-Toolbox latches seamlessly and securely to the top of both T-Loc and Classic style Systainers.

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