New Products Available November 1, 2016

DTS & RTS 400 REQ Sanders

Festool is well known for the strength of our sander line and our commitment to ongoing quality improvement. The latest generation DTS and RTS reflect both our strength as well as improved quality.

The DTS 400 REQ and RTS 400 REQ are equipped with:
  • More powerful motor – now with MMC Electronics and 250 watts – a 25% increase
  • Improved ergonomics – rubberized grip textured surfaces
  • Robust power switch – longer lifecycle with greater ease-of-use
  • Interlocking dust port – works with latest generation of CT Connector for improved retention
  • Dust Extraction – capture the dust as it is made

Longlife Dust Bag RTS/DTS/ETS

A Longlife Filter Bag is now available for all of the new sanders. Comprised of extra-durable nonwoven polyester for extra-long life. This new bag fits on all three models as well as previous models of the RTS 400, DTS 400, and ETS 125 sanders. These bags are meant to capture sanding dust, be emptied, and then re-used many times.

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