Most jigsaws are versatile tools, always ready to tackle different tasks. True, but that's just a given. What Festool jigsaws offer are incredible precision, speed and splinter-free cutting. Follow any scribe line without wandering. Spend less time sanding or reworking. Experience the Festool system in the form of integrated dust extraction, plus an array of blades and accessories that redefine versatility. A proven benchmark performer, the Trion, will amaze you. And the newer, lighter, even more advanced Carvex handheld jigsaw frees you to cut in ways you never knew possible.

Carvex jigsaws are armed with advanced motor technology, a host of features you'd expect from Festool, and others never imagined.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Carbide guidance system
  • Interchangeable base system
  • 4-LED stroboscopic light
  • Splinter-free action

Trion Jigsaws
Trion's adjustable carbide-tipped jaws, blade clamping system and triple blade guidance keep it on course, even in hard material. The barrel grip fits your hand and provides a low center of gravity. The PSB 300 has all the qualities of the PS 300, with the addition of a comfortable D-handle for easy one-handed use.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Carbine guidance system
  • Zero-clearance Splinterguard
  • Dual-bevel base
  • Variable stroke

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