Chatter will get you nowhere fast.

Chatter marks are what you get with conventional handheld planers. Planers that have straight knife cutterheads that are typically noisy and leave you with some sanding to do. Festool planers are different. They feature single-knife heads that cut with a shearing action. What you get is cleaner glue- or finish-ready cuts, quieter operation and reduced vibration (meaning lower user strain.) No matter if you're looking to go at your most frequent planing tasks with speed, or bring some architectural refinement to your work, the answer lies with our Festool planers.

Using an electric planer right up to the edge or on rabbets can leave you with a lip that has to be removed by hand. That is, unless you have the Festool HL 850 Planer. The HL 850 lets you cut flush to an adjacent surface because it planes across the entire width of the rabbet, and the side-mounted cutterhead sits flush with the planer housing.

More Details:

  • Near total chip extraction
    Efficient chip extraction with left or right side mounting
  • Rotary handle depth adjustment
    The front handle doubles as a depth control knob with a cut depth up to 9/64 (3.5mm)
  • MMC electronics
    Equipped with soft-start for no-jolt starts, and constant speed under load, foro consistent cutting speed and smooth results

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