Plunge into any surface with zero reservations.

Exceeding expectations is simply a matter of principle with Festool. Whether trimming laminate, making heavy cuts in hard maple or putting a decorative edge on a sold surface material, Festool routers surpass the most demanding requirements. But even more surprising is the versatility, accuracy, and ergonomic comfort and control present across the entire lineup. Couple Festool routers with dust extractors or guide rails to experience an incomparable system working at all levels.

MFK 700 EQ/B Edge Router

The perfect edge demands the perfect finish touch and the MFK 700 EQ/B helps deliver those results though precision depth control and smooth running operation. Equipped with a ball bearing break base and variable speed control help prevent melting and burning of sensitive materials like PVC and exotic woods.

MFK 700 EQ

With its modular design and tool-less base changes the MFK 700 transforms from a vertical to a horizontal position in a few simple steps. Easily trim laminate and edge band, or rout grooves for inlays, thanks to the lightweight maneuverability. Packed with features, this router delivers additional value by allowing the use of bearing-less bits with used ti the attachment base feeler bearing.

More Details - MFK 700 Routers: MMC electronics, 13' Plug-It power cord, auxiliary handle, multiple collet sizes, edge guidance, phenolic base

OF 1010 EQ Router

Ergonomics and precison make the Festool OF 1010 EQ Router one unbeatable tool. One-handed operation makes it easy to lunge, cut, release and switch on and off. Its compact design and balanced center of gravity make it effortlessly maneuverable.

OF 1400 EQ Router

Festool's most versatile router packs 1400 watts into less than 10 lbs. It's got enough power for most routing tasks, yet it's small enough to allow precise control.

OF 2200 EB Router

You might confuse it for a portable shaper. You might confuse it for a portable shaper. In fact, its Festool's most powerful handheld router, easily capable of plunging into 8/4 hardwoods or making 1/2" grooves in a single pass. It's easy to control and perfect for jobsite or shop.

More Details: MMC electronics, depth turret, LR 32 hole drilling system, ratcheting spindle, interchangeable base system

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