A comprehensive approach to the perfect surface.

When we say the Festool sanding lineup is complete, we're not just talking about the tools - but a full system including abrasive pads, dust extraction and accessories. Festool has gone to the furthest degree in designing its handheld sanders to work flawlessly with each component. The result is nearly dust-free operation, low vibration, long service life and, of course, an immaculate surface.

Uncertain which Festool sander to purchase?
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Which Festool Sander? A Sander Selection Guide for Paint Pros

Rotex Sanders

Made with the highest quality parts and demanding tolerance, Rotex sanders are powerful by nature and so are all of their parts. Commanding yet controllable with multiple grip positions, these Festool sanders make even the most demanding work conditions manageable. Rotex sanders power through the toughest tasks quickly and easily.

Random Orbital Sanders

Most big sanding jobs sound like a chore. Like other fine finishing machines in the Festool sander lineup, the ETS Random Orbital Sanders are superior tools. They're comfortable to grip and use, while Jetstream dust extraction keeps your surfaces lean and the pads around longer. Now, sanding can become a part of the job you can actually look forward to.

Orbital Sanders

With Festool Orbital Sanders, limitations in finishing have all but disappeared. Corners. Edges, Areas large and small. Even sanding right up against adjoining surfaces on a fully assembled piece. Nothing is out of the question. All three different models feature integrated dust extraction, StickFix pads for quick-change abrasives and vibration-stopping balanced design.

Specialty Sanders

Specialty Festool sanders bring their system's efficiency and performance to the most difficult spaces and shapes.

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