Compound Mitre Saw - Kapex

The best-in-class has a name all its own.

It's not like any miter saw out there. Which explains why you don't often hear the pros calling it a miter saw, but something more distinct. It's name - Kapex. Developed to be the best tool of its kind, period. The Festool Kapex incorporates dual-laser marking for faster alignment, cam-action locks for setting miters quickly, plus a real-forward configuration for working in tighter spaces. This compound mitre saw combines all of this in a compact 10" design delivering the cutting capacity of a 12" saw. And, due to the time and material Kapex saves, experienced users also call it one other thing; an investment.

Watch the video below to see the Festool Kapex KS-120 Sliding Compound Miter Saw in action.

The Kapex remains the most advanced sliding compound miter saw today, offering you the capacity of a much larger saw in a portable, compact design. Unmatched dust extraction, simple adjustments and host of time-saving features mean you'l spend more time on value-creating work and less time on work-arounds and cleanup.

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