Why Buy From Bob

Since all Festool prices are the same wherever you decide to purchase Ė ok, ok, yes I know, I do not collect sales tax in states other than Kentucky and New Jersey Ė letís get that elephant off the table and out of the room, what other reasons are there to make your Festool purchase from my store rather than from the many other fine Festool dealers? What sets us apart? Well, I think we have worked long and hard to provide you with some pretty good reasons to pull the trigger at Marinoís Best Tools.

So I will list some of those reasons - in no particular order of importance Ė except maybe to you, the customer.

  • Marinoís Best Tools - itís my name on the letterhead and your orders; thereís no hiding behind anonymity. Itís my good name. I take that seriously.

  • Free shipping. We ship to the whole lower 48, with no shipping costs for the customer; no minimum order to qualify Ė free is free.

  • Timely shipping. Orders placed Monday through Friday before 5pm EST will ship that day!

  • Central USA location. While there is no perfect shipping location for the entire USA, having my Fulfillment Center located in Ohio ensures pretty quick shipping to each of the Coasts and everywhere in between.

  • We use FedEx Ground, unless expedited delivery is requested. No USPS Sure-Post (or other types of less expensive shipping). While this saves shipping costs itís apparently at the expense of longer delivery times. Been there, done that, wonít do that again.

  • Just a final mention of shipping, we spare no expense in our quest to deliver what every customer should expect Ė pristine products. Whether that means double boxing and adding Masonite to the MFTís or swaddling the tools and accessories in blankets of bubble wrap, thatís what we do. Anything else is false economy, plain and simple. And Iím going to say with more than a good dose of certainty, that we pack Ďem up better than anyone else. Do a Google search.

  • I know and use the tools and if I donít have an answer or am not sure about the answer when asked, Iíll find out and get back to you in a timely manner.

  • Iím available. My business phone is also my cell phone. I answer the phone seven days a week. There are not a bunch of phone prompts to struggle through, youíll get me.

  • Post sale questions and issues. The sale doesnít end when your credit card is processed; questions, issues; give me a call or send me an email.

  • Free FULL COLOR tool manuals. We include with the Kapex miter saw, Carvex Jigsaws, OF 1400 and 2200 routers, TS 55 circular saws and the Domino DF AND 700 joiners. These manuals are written and illustrated by Rick Christopherson and Rick sets the bar for tool manuals. Just to add, the actual manuals are made on thick, high quality paper and are bound, not stapled. They are built to survive the shop environment.

  • Abrasives. We currently offer the abrasives in 10 packs for the 6Ē, 5Ē and Rotex 90 Sanders. No need to limit your abrasive choices because of 50 or 100 sheet boxes. We are working on having 10 packs available for every Festool sander.

  • Stock. We stock most every skew Festool offers Ė and in pretty good levels. While we sometimes run into back-order situations, we receive Festool deliveries a couple of times a week, so back-orders are usually not too painful. If you need it sooner, we can have Festool drop ship directly to you.

  • Longevity. I have been selling Festool tools longer (since 2001) than most other USA Dealers. While doing it longer doesnít always translate to doing it better, it does show both a commitment to the brand and to my customers and a good sign that I must be doing something right.

  • Is it luck, hard work or a blessing? Huh? Say what? How I first entered into the world of Festool 14 years ago (please see What about Bob) was pure luck; the stars were in proper alignment and the Festool Gods looked down and after me. But ever since then I have worked hard to build my business by earning your business. Of course this has not been without a few errors and hiccups, perfection is a goal, not always a reality, but I try to right the wrongs as best I can. So with a little luck, a good dose of hard work, wonderful customers Ė many I have had the pleasure to meet in person Ė or at least have phone conversations with, I have something Iím terribly proud and protective of. With all that, Iím blessed.

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